This is the seventh quest from Farmer Fred in Draynor Village.

Requirements to complete Edit

Farming Level 15

Complete Farming 20 times in Draynor Village

Get 30 Citizens to learn Farming in Draynor Village

Rewards Edit

250 000 Blue Anima

Oak shortbow

Dialogue Edit

[Player] I honestly thought you were pulling my leg, Fred. But as soon as I increased my knowledge of farming, i realized the answer was yes. Yes it is.

[Farmer Fred] Ha! I knew it! I can taste that lonely cabbage even now. Praise Brassica Prime!

[Player] Fred, that's the second time you've mentioned this... Brassica Prime. Who is... it?

[Farmer Fred] Brassica Prime is the great and mighty god of cabbages! Patron of farmers and other stuff probably. You never heard of 'em?

[Player] So there ARE other gods than Saradomin...

[Farmer Fred] Oh certainly! And, I'd like to point out, ones much more powerful. I mean - have you seen the statues? Not a tasty looking deity to MY eyes.