Sally is the protagonist of RuneScape: Idle Adventures. She is a blue giant, created by Geilenor's Anima Mundi, like Vorago and Telos. Players can change the name and gender of Sally, but Sally is the canon name.

Sally eventually discovers her origins in White Wolf Mountain. It is discovered that she may have been created in relation to an Elder Artifact called The Needle, which Saradomin locates using the Crown Archival. Sally is given the Needle as she continues to help the citizens of Geilenor and search for her purpose and origin.

Gods Edit

The game begins with Sally unsure of her origins when she is discovered by Farmer Fred, who teachers her about Brassica Prime.

Starting with Duke Horacio in Lumbridge, Saradominists such as Sir Amik, Vannaka, King Roald, and eventually even Saradomin himself attempt to influence Sally's religious beliefs.

Evil Dave teaches Sally about Zamorak, even having Sally summon Zamorak's demon general from the God Wars, K'ril Tsutsaroth, who senses and respects her great power.

Gunthor teaches Sally of Guthix. Sally practises divination, hearing Guthix's final memory from when he died in The World Wakes. She begins to weep for Guthix hearing this.

Sally does not follow any god, despite the attempts to influence her.