Saradomin is a Quest Master that is located when you first enter White Wolf Mountain. After introducing himself, Saradomin will say "Welcome Home" to the player. The player will then recognize that you two look similar and ask if you're related. Saradomin will deny this, but will say that he and The Player are similar in that they have been drawn here by the Anima, which is calling The Player to protect an Ancient Artefact known as The Needle.

The Player will then ask Saradomin if he is going to fight them for it, to which Saradomin says no, as he already owns an Elder Artefact already - The Crown Archival. Saradomin will then reveal that the Anima on Gielinor used The Needle to create The Player him/herself. Saradomin will offer his guidance to The Player to help discover why the Anima created them.

You can by quests from Saradomin for THREADS OF TIME.

Saradomin is a Quest Master for the following Quests:

After completing this quest, Saradomin will tell you "Prepare, the world is about to change..."

What is SewnEdit

Kill monsters